best mouse trap bait

best mouse trap bait

The Best Mouse Trap Bait

Rodents in homes become a serious problem with time. For mice, they are a more serious issue due to their rate of multiplication. If they are not taken care of by use of the best mouse trap bait, they multiply rapidly to over a hundred offspring. This means that you will have food issues since mice love feeding and the occupants of your house stand a high chance of getting diseases related to mice. There are plenty of baits that you can use to get rid of mice.

Different Types of the Best Mouse Trap Bait

Mice love feeding, and that is why they are mostly found in places near food sources. If you there are no mice in your home but you have pet food, ensure that you properly store it. On the other hand, if there are mice in your house, you can use pet food as your best mouse trap since these small rodents love eating.

Once you have your trap in place, the best mouse trap bait is peanut butter. All you need is to dab a bit of the peanut butter on the trap. Mice love the aroma of the butter which will definitely attract them, and they will end up tasting it. The end result is that they are trapped.

It is interesting that mice love the same things that human do. During winter, they look for warmth, shelter, and food just like humans this is why you see them in your house. They even love dental floss and cotton. Use any of this as your best mouse trap bait and see the elimination take place.

Mice will be attracted by the aroma of cooked bacon or tiny bits of hot dog. Meat is a good attract and will easily help in trapping a mouse.

Your Best Mouse Trap Bait Should Be Changed Regularly

You might set up a trap and use a mouse bait, but the whole day there has not been a catch. Whatever kind of food you choose as your best mouse trap bait, it should not be left to sit for too long until it starts rotting. It should be changed regularly to remain fresh.

There are varieties of mouse baits that you can choose from. Baits should be something that a mouse loves feeding on such as peanuts; pet foods, honey and jelly beans among others. The baits are meant to entice them, and this does not mean that you place them in any part of your house. It should be on a trap that when the mice get to the bait, they are trapped. Poop pellets, chewed boxes, wires, and walls are a sign that there are mice in your house. Although their main purpose to be in your house is to look for food, shelter, and water, you should use the best mouse trap bait to get rid of them. They worsen allergy and asthma cases, they carry bacteria and can spread other illnesses. For more infos, click here.

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