home remedies for mice

Home remedies for mice

Home Remedies for Mice

Mice can be adorable critters and pets, but this does not mean that we always want to share our homes with them. They can spread diseases with their urine and feces, which they use to communicate, so there is a lot that they leave behind. They also do a lot of damage with their teeth, but you do not need to kill them to get them out of your home. However, using snap traps, poisons, and glue traps also pose a threat to humans and pets. Here are a few of the best home remedies for mice.


  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Mice have an acute sense of smell that beats our noses. This is why we find the peppermint scent refreshing, pleasant and tangy, but mice find the small offensive and overwhelming. So, using peppermint oil can help you deter mice from your home and garden. Most times, soaking cotton balls with peppermint oil and placing them around your home is enough to keep mice away from your home. You will need to replace the cotton balls every week to keep the scent fresh. There is also the option to plant peppermint plants in your garden.


  1. Adopt a Cat

Most house cats have never seen a mouse, but most of them still know how to hunt mice. Adopting a cat is a natural way of keeping your home free from mice and gets you a great pet. The scent of cat urine and feces can also help keep mice away from your home. Just remember that cats have feelings too and are not just mouse hunting machines. If you adopt a cat, you should be ready to take care of them for a long time. There is also the option to borrow a friend’s cat if you do not have the time to care for a cat.


  1. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can be heavily scented, which makes them a great option for keeping mice away. You just need to lay out some heavily scented dryer sheets, and the mice will avoid these areas. Just remember that you will need to use new dryer sheets when the scent fades.


  1. Aluminum Foil

This can sound like a joke, but it does work and can protect your food. You just need to cover all your food in aluminum foil, and do not unwrap it until you are going to use it. This works because mice do not like aluminum foil since it smells like metal, it is slippery, and it makes noise.


  1. Traps

This is not the route to take if you know that you have a serious infestation of mice. However, it can help you get rid of a few mice at a time. There are many humane traps that you can buy, which allow you to simply relocate the mice. Humane traps are a great option, especially if you want to improve the situation without needing to kill the mice. If you know that there is more than one mouse, you should think about getting a trap with multiple chambers.

Using home remedies for mice can remove the mice from your home without you having to clean up dead bodies. Most of these remedies use items that you may already have in your home, so you can quickly get the mice out of your house. For more informations, visit this page.

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