how to get rid of field mice

How to get rid of field mice


How to Get Rid of Field Mice Effectively and Naturally

In order to properly and effectively get rid of the field mice, you need to learn the habit of the mice first. Learning how to get rid of field mice requires knowing essential information about this small creature such as their lifestyle and their habitat. Basically, the field mouse are choosing our house as their shelter, especially during their winter season since they have a plenty source of food. This means that you need to cut their food source if you want to eliminate them. Filling up the holes and gaps in our walls can also prevent them from getting into our house. However, if none of these methods work, there are other things that you can do.


How to Get Rid of Field Mice without Resulting to Chemical Toxins

Most homeowners especially those with pets and little kids want to know the natural ways on how to get rid of field mice. This will ensure them that their kids and pets are safe from these chemical products.



Carbonated Drinks

Based on the study, carbonization has the power to kill the mice. The process is quite simple, and it will not harm the homeowner and the environment. When mice ingested a carbonated drink, it will hamper their ability to release the gas that is contained in the bottle of the carbonated drink. Simply put a Coca Cola or a Pepsi on a plate and put it close to the nest of the field mice. If you areĀ thinking on how to get rid of field mice, a carbonated drink is a great way to do it.


Mashed Potatoes

Using mashed potatoes will work effectively on how to get rid of field mice. Basically, mashed potatoes are less expensive and safer compared to the poisonous products sold in the market. Simply add a few tablespoon of mashed potato on the corner where you often see the field mice. Mashed potatoes will expand the stomach of the rats before they can fully digest it which will lead to their death.


Resettable Traps

Another effective way on how to get rid of field mice is to get a resettable trap. Some traps have the capacity to hold more than 20 mice at one time. Remember that you should be careful when placing traps inside your home since they have the potential to hurt your pets and children. When you are collecting the specimen, make sure that you will wear some protective gloves since some possibly carry pathogens that can result to illness. If you are setting a trap, you have to determine first the entry points of the mice. In case you are using a live trap, the mice tend to be aggressive when they are trapped so be careful when collecting them.


These are just some of the effective and natural ways on how to get rid of field mice. It will help you eliminate the pestĀ infestation in your house but without the use of chemical toxins that can pose an adverse effect on your health. If you need more information, click here.

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