How to get rid of mice in the walls

How to get rid of mice in the walls

Mice are certainly not the favorite problem people want to have to deal with in their own homes and the scratching from inside the walls and even startle you if you are not aware of them. Not only that but they are known to be one of the biggest disease spreaders from all wildlife. They prefer to hide into closed areas such as attics, lofts and even the walls of your property. Prevention methods are certainly the better way to deal with them, but once they get into the location, then it’s already too late and it would be quite difficult to deal with them. How to get rid of mice in the walls is what we will cover in this article, but certain things might apply to other scenarios as well.

The Pests

If you already have mice in the walls, then you are aware that they don’t usually leave their nests during the day, when there is still daylight. Clawing and gnawing sounds will certainly point to that. Before taking particular mice control actions, you should be absolutely certain that it is mice indeed that you are dealing with.

Signs of it would be visible tracks and dropping on the floor of your house. More annoying signs would be the hole in ceilings, foundations, and walls they cause and the bite marks in your food.  At this point you are most likely thinking, okay, but how to get rid of mice in walls?

The Process and the Solution

 Such pests need food to survive, which means they will have to leave their nests. The first step to dealing with them is to locate all available entrance to their nest, and you need to be absolutely certain that those are all.

Once you have done that, and then cover all of the exits regardless of whether the mice are inside or not. Now depending on the amount of pests you have to deal with, there are different approaches. If it’s just a single mouse or a few of them, then you could either place a single trap or use a live cage.

In case the mice are inside, you would want to use a live cage trap. Release one of the entrances and place the cage there. Its designed is made in such a manner that it captures the pests, but they cannot go out of it. The advantage to this is that it holds multiple creatures inside and it doesn’t kill them.

In case you want to kill the mice, you should use a lethal snap trap, place it on the uncovered entrance and arm it with proper bait such as maple syrup, bacon or peanut butter. Once all of that is complete just wait for the result

Keep in mind that it’s better to hire a professional if you don’t know what you are doing as the most often problem with beginners is their lack of knowledge and inability to set a trap properly. click here for more informations.

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