Mice in attic

Mice in Attic

Getting Rid of Mice in Attic – Here are the Ways

Mice in attic is a common problem. More often than not, they go out of the attic and explore the other parts of the home. It can be irritating to hear mice scratching in the walls, and stealing food from the kitchen. Getting rid of them must be the first priority of the homeowner.

Most homeowners become aware they have little guests in the attic when they hear noises at night. There are times when the noises become loud, especially when mice in attic run directly on the drywall.

Mice in attic can cause a lot of damage, especially when they start on chewing on electrical wires. They also spread musty smell and disease. There are times they crawl down the kitchen and chew on food items that will contaminate them. That’s why you need to get rid of them right away.

Find Out How They Get Inside the Attic

The first step to get rid of mice in attic is to find out how they got there. Look for holes outside the house that can lead into the attic. Some elements of the home that should be checked include gaps in the siding, wires and pipes going inside the house, vents, and the roof line, just to name a few. Mice crawl through these areas, and into the attic.

Mice love the attic and make it their nesting place because people don’t usually go to the area. It is also safe, dry, and warm. They breed in the attic and build a nest in the insulation. There they pee, store food, and poop. They also make little runways and tunnels within the insulation. Getting rid of them permanently will not be possible unless one finds out how they are able to get inside and up the attic.

Seal Off All Entry Points

Find all the entry points of mice in attic, and seal them off. Holes that are larger than 1/4 inch should be shut. You can use either metal flashing or steel mesh because mice can’t chew the materials. Avoid using caulking because mice can just go through it.

Set Traps

Once the entry and exit points are sealed off, the next step is to set snap traps in the attic. Place at least ten traps where you see mice droppings. It is also recommended to place the traps in other parts of the house where there are mice trails or poop.

Clean the Attic

Once the mice in attic are gone, the last step is to clean the area to get rid of pathogens, mouse odor, and germs. Mouse odor can attract new mice in attic. Cleaning the area will also prevent the growth of mold that can occur with mouse feces and urine.


These are the things you need to know about mice in attic and how to get rid of them. It is important to act as soon as you notice mice dropping or noise. That way you will be able to prevent diseases from spreading. For more informations, visit here.

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